The permanent residents are charged a regular monthly fee. If we have the space, we will take on temporary / respite residents charged on a daily basis. All fees are payable in advance. The monthly fee includes care, accommodation, meals, local transport, laundry and social activities. The following are not included in this fee:

  • Cigarettes
  • Clothing
  • Any outside activities such as horse riding, which would be discussed before participation.
  • Any damage caused by a resident
  • Extraordinary costs incurred in the care or protection of the individual resident.
  • Medical
  • Extraordinary travel.

Acceptance Criteria

The criteria for acceptance are, regardless of the type of disability, manageability and stability.

We are a home rather than a facility and, accordingly, try to provide an atmosphere where the resident is calm, safe, unstressed and can interact without fear or anxiety.

We do not have the facilities or staffing to accept any residents with unmanageable or uncontrolled behavioural disorders or problems.

We do not practice any form of restraining or secured isolation. We operate on the basis of a calendar month’s notice both ways.