Social Life

We have a very strong social life with plenty of chatter and laughter. Our residents have supervised access to television and music, art, story reading and telling. Our day is split into work, crafts and leisure


We do not actively farm all our land. We rather have a small area for production with a selection of herbs, a number of fruit trees and an increasing number of olive trees and a lot of flowerbeds to keep us busy.

Medical & Staff

Vredenburg has the full range of medical services, including private and government hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and dentists. Our residents are all supervised and carefully monitored at all times.

Welcome to Our Lodge!

Our residents, intellectually disabled, are cared for in an atmosphere of kindness and respect where individual attention is provided as a matter of course. Our resident’s disabilities, among others, range from Autism, Downs, Bipolar, Brain Injury, Epilepsy and Retardation. One staff member cares for three residents. We have a care centre for those disabled that need more care. The care centre was specifically designed for severely disabled.

Our residents participate in all sorts of activity taking their disability into account. Those that are capable of work are encouraged to do so while the rest are occupied in physical activities and crafts. Residents participate in caring for our beautiful gardens. There are a maximum of two residents per bedroom.

Our acceptance criteria are limited to manageability and stability of the resident’s behaviour. We do not distinguish between Autism, Downs, Bipolar, Brain Injury, Epilepsy or Retardation; we love our work and take pleasure in the care we provide.

This facility is privately owned. We have a very close relationship with our residents and literally live amongst them. Our kitchen produces fine meals and everyone eats together. Our group home exudes a feeling of calm and gentleness and our residents’ dignity rules the day.

The 10 Hectare farm is situated 8 kilometres from Vredenburg and 140 kilometres easy drive from Cape Town

What We Offer

Help us continue making a difference

Our home and the care we provide is to be the best thing that happened to any resident who is placed with us.