Our home and the care we provide is to be the best thing that happened to any resident who is placed with us. Whilst in our care, they must be safe, loved, cared for, respected, clean, protected and disciplined. Their occupation is to be meaningful and fulfilling. Regardless of a resident’s history or how they were treated, our home is their sanctuary.

Courtesy and kindness are the platform from which we manage our residents’ lives. We show respect in all dealings with them. Any resident walking into our home is entitled to and has a right to expect dignity and kindness in their treatment.

Behaviour that the residents are allowed to display outside of our premises is of little concern to us, in our care, they are expected to behave in a dignified, adult, socially acceptable and considerate manner.

We do not tolerate any form of poor behaviour. Our discipline philosophy is consideration, good manners and courtesy – old values!

We make every effort to get those that have influence over the resident to follow our lead regarding behaviour to ensure that the resident receives one message regarding behaviour.

Our language usage is mild and polite.

We do not shout, swear or use an authoritative tone when communicating with the residents.

We expect that the residents reciprocate this behaviour. We do not judge our residents and we expect that they do not judge each other.

We insist on a high standard of personal hygiene. This is non-negotiable.

Violence – never!